Individual, Society and Digital Technology

Democracy Theories and Security, Euro-Atlantic values ​​in contemporary geopolitics, Introduction to propaganda and persuasion, Online Tools and Techniques for Affective Communication, Smart technologies and data security, Argumentation Theory and Critical Thinking, Social cognition and human behaviour, Ethics and values

Strategic communication

Operationalisation of strategic communication, Communication theories, Strategic planning and management of communications (Planning, implementation and evaluation of communication strategies; Communication and networking with different audiences in different formats and platforms; Planning, creating and disseminating digital content; Media relations; Crisis communication; Reputation management), Culture and communication, International Strategic Communication and Diplomacy


Governance and innovation, Strategic management of organisations, Public rights, Policy analysis, EU institutions and administration, Political Economy, Sustainable resource management, Public finances

Research and practice

Master's Thesis Seminar, Internship, Research internship, Quantitative research methods and analysis of large data, Qualitative research methods, Master's Thesis