The Study of Computer Vision Algorithms for Underwater Fish Inspection

Edited 15.07.2019.

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field that deals with how computers can be used to gain high-level understanding from digital images and videos. Fish detection and monitoring is an important topic in computer vision. The growth of high-powered computers, the evolution of high-quality video cameras with low cost and the growing need for automated video analysis have caused more interest in the development of underwater inspection.


Postdoctoral research project

Res: Mohcine Boudhane (

Supported by: ERDF

Project duration: 15.03.2019. - 14.03.2022.

Project number:


Project activities and activities implemented:

  1. Participation in the International Conference in the international Scientific Conference SOCIETY. TECHNOLOGY. SOLUTIONS, title: "Underwater optical observation, how to improve visibility" (24-25.04.2019)
  2. Participation in  on new research methods, presentation on the topic "MACHINE LEARNING AND DATA SCIENCE" (15.05.2019)
  3. Participation in FALLING THE WALL LAB, organized by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in cooperation with the university of Latvia, presentation title "BREAKING THE WALL OF UNDERWATER VISIBILITY" (05.06.2019)
  4. Description of Activity 1.1.a "Visibility problems and underwater image enhancement methods" (28.06.2019)
  5. Description of  Activity 1.1.b Technologies on object detection  tracking in video sequences  (28.06.2019)
  6. Description of  Activity 1.1.c Evaluative and comparative study of shape modelling methods (28.06.2019)