Design research for user-friendly guidance of complex whole-body rehabilitation for lower extremity amputees by means of extended reality and advanced wearables data processing

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Updated 15.10.2019

The project deals with two rehabilitation challenges that affect both patients - people with amputations of lower extremities (hereinafter CAEA) and their physiotherapists. The first is are curring and insufficiently effective rehabilitation process, the second being the limited scope for processing, interpreting and understandable use of the amount of data generated during the rehabilitation process.

The aim of the project is therefore to develop an extended reality solution that would implement a new rehabilitation method, innovative wearing technologies and medical know-how algorithms that would enhance the quality of of life CAEA, accelerate rehabilitation and reintegrate into society and work.Combining deep musculoskeletal training with diaphragmatic breathing techniques will increase body stability and reduce CAEA's inherent risk of falling, back pain, cardiovascular and respiratory complications. In addition, the technological solution will provide long-term rehabilitation monitoring, real-time full-body monitoring and user-driven easy-to-understand rehabilitation management for people with limited capabilities. Activities: development and validation of a new rehabilitation method, tests for the interoperability of wearable technologies, development of an extended reality solution, tests for the users of the solution, mobility and dissemination of results.

The project will result in the development of a prototype forextended user tests and the assessment of readiness for commercialisation, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the needs and limitations of CAEA during rehabilitation, an in-depth knowledge from a scientific point of view that could reveal and demonstrate a new approach on body performance principles and relationships.


Post-doctoral research support

Project Manager: ing. Linda Lancere (

Type of project: ERDF

Project implementation time: 02.01.2019. - 30.12.2021.

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Project activities and activities carried out:

The first year of the project involves an in-depth study of technology, rehabilitation methodologies, surveys of potential users, with a view to developing a user-oriented solution. An analysis and selection of the conformity of wearing technologies have been carried out, identifying technologies that are capable of ensuring objective entry, movement during data rehabilitation,vital parameters such as pulse, breathing, muscle activity, blood pressure and real-time recording of other data. Smart textile tests have been carried out for the acquisition and display of respiratory techniques in extended reality. A rehabilitation programme shall be drawn up and the requirements necessary for the implementation of user tests shall be fulfilled. Main stages of the rehabilitation programme:

  1. Deep breathing training;
  2. Deep musculoskeletal exercises with simultaneous and continuous monitoring of vital parameters.