Development of the scientific infrastructure of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences for building its research and innovation capacity



Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences implements an activity programme "Growth and Employment" from September 2017 to March 2020. 1.1.1. Specific Aid Objective: "To increase the research and innovation capacity of Latvian scientific institutions and the ability to attract external financing by investing in human resources and infrastructure" Event "Development of P&A infrastructure in the field of smart specialisation and institutional strengthening of scientific institutions" project "Development of the scientific infrastructure of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences for research and innovation capacity building". The aim of the project is to develop the scientific infrastructure of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences in order to strengthen the research and innovation capacity at an international level by promoting the development and productivity of the sectors of the smart specialisation nationally and in the Vidzeme region, as well as the implementation of international research projects and services.

ViA's scientific activities and research direction "Digital Solutions for Social Challenges" and the planned activities of the project will contribute to three of the five supported areas of expertise identified in the Smart Specialisation Strategy in Latvia: knowledge-intensive bio-economy, intelligent materials, technologies and engineering systems, information and communication technologies.

The main planned activities to achieve the purpose of the project:

1. Renovation and adaptation of premises for installation of research equipment and hardware and research results communication

2. Purchase of scientific equipment, toolboxes, information and communication technologies, other tangible and intangible assets:

2.1. Virtual and augmented reality, Mobile technology, Data security, modernisation of Multimedia Laboratories and the creation of a new Spatial Research Laboratory;

2.2. Development of science infrastructure and research results communication

3. Creation and improvement of research workplaces;

4. Improvement of resource and result management system;

5. Project implementation and publicity measures;

6. Project management and implementation.


The planned activities of the project and investments in infrastructure and material technical resources will contribute to ViA’s consolidation process of the scientific institution started in 2016, as well as in general modernise and strengthen the research and innovation capacity of the ViA scientific institute at an international scale, which is one of the goals of the science development at ViA. As a result of the project activities, it is expected that ViA’s scientific capacity will be strengthened, thus increasing the amount of scientific activity (the number of implemented projects, attracted external financing, etc.) and the number of people employed in science in the full-time equivalent is expected to be 25 in 2020.

The total cost of the project is 567 164,21 EUR, of which 457 984.00 EUR is the European Regional Development Fund,  80 822 EUR is financed by the Latvian State budget and 28 358.21 EUR is co-financed by ViA.