Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, registration No. 90001342592, 8.2.2.  "To Strengthen Academic Staff of Higher Education Institutions in the Areas of Strategic Specialisation" within the framework of the specific aid objective’s project application selection procedure and in accordance with The Cabinet of Ministers regulation No. 25 (Rīga, January 9, 2018), are announcing the selection of foreign academic personnel in the following fields of study:

Management, administration and real estate management (1 place; relevant scientific industries and sub-sectors, area of work covers organisation management);

Management, administration and real estate management (1 place; relevant scientific industries and sub-sectors, area of work covers integrated information technology, engineering economics and business);

Candidate requirements and selection criteria:

  1. persons who have been elected to an academic accredited institution in a foreign university in the last three years;
  2. persons, who have a PhD in the relevant field of science or an equivalent field of science or studying at a PhD level at a time;
  3. persons who have appropriate scientific and academic work experience in the relevant field of science;
  4. persons who can lead courses in "Management, administration and real estate management" at a Bachelor or Master’s level studies;
  5. persons who have participated with presentation/report in at least three international conferences related to management, administration and real estate management;
  6. persons who have experience in international management  research;
  7. English language knowledge (C1 level) and skills for teaching in an international environment (have experience working with foreign students or have experience in mobility activities). English language proficiency level is evidenced by a document issued by an international testing institution or a certificate issued by a relevant language centre that confirms C1 level of the English language proficiency or a diploma from a foreign higher school (if studies were in English)

Application deadline: August 31, 2020

Application letter (in free form), CV (in the Europass form, including scientific work experience and a list of publications) and a document that confirms the level of English language must be sent to the email address or by post: Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Cēsu street 4, Valmiera, Latvia, LV-4201 with the reference "For selection of foreign academic personnel."

Based on the Personal data protection law, first part of section 8, Vidzeme University of Applied Science informs that the personal data indicated in the application document will be processed in order to ensure the conduct of this selection process and the above-mentioned personal data processing manager is Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.